By: Jade Aubuchon

If you are like most business owners, you probably stay up at night wondering
how you are going to get more customers this month.

Then you probably hear about some awesome internet marketer who talks about:
Basically, get more traffic and your problem is solved.  KABAAM!

  Well, you are a season business owner who has experience  with sales and learned that the most difficult part of making  a sale is not attracting interest, it is the process of converting  that interest into actual customers.

 Thankfully, there is a way of “creating customers”, instead of  waiting for whatever winds might blow an errant lead into your path.

While it is true that a customer must have a preliminary interest in your product/service, a proper sales funnel can gain you attention from sources that would have otherwise passed on without even a backward glance.

A marketing funnel,…(also known as a sales funnel, revenue funnel, or sales process) …is the process that companies lead buyers through in order to convert them from possible to definite customers.

Unfortunately, not every marketing lead will turn into a sale, a bitter truth for any business to swallow.

According to research into sales funnels, only 50 percent of marketing leads are ready to buy during their first experience.

Without the marketing funnel, all prospects are passed over to sales, which then must spend valuable time weeding through prospects instead of closing deals.

The marketing funnel is meant to shepherd more opportunities through careful nurturing and
support into making a purchase.

The top three funnel priorities are:

  • lead generation,
  • converting leads into prospects,
  • and converting those prospects into customers.

It is an easy mistake to place more importance on lead generation largely due to the highly visible nature and the constant need to survive.

However, while it is perfectly reasonable to place focus on lead generation, it is equally important to convert promising leads into sales.

A passive approach is not a reasonable way to develop returning customers. While a too-aggressive campaign can be off-putting as well, completely ignoring leads as they work through the initial steps of awareness, interest, and evaluation is a sure way to drastically decrease the effectiveness of a sales funnel.

It is only after these initial steps that the decision to buy is made, and the active sales process can begin.

By simply evaluating and maintaining the quality of your sales funnel…

…you can ensure that a much higher percentage of your leads go on to purchase what you
are offering and become a return customer.

The final step of pushing one-time customers into repeat purchases is quite possibly the most important aspect of the sales funnel.

While the technology-dominated world of today has made it easier than ever to get in direct contact with another human being, that course of action has become a last resort.

The rise of the “Empowered Buyer” has led to the typical customer traveling 50 to 60 percent of the way through a sales funnel before even attempting to contact the business that they are interested is buying from.

At its core concept, a sales funnel is the careful nurturing of a relationship between a business
and its leads until they bloom into return customers.

While the process may at first appear daunting, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Nurture your customer relationships enough, and those customers will go out and act as ambassadors for your brand.

84 percent of customers said that word-of-mouth recommendations influenced their purchasing decisions, clear evidence of the power that your good relationships can have on the development of future sales.

No sales funnel is perfect: there are always cracks to be filled and rough patches to smooth.

The solution to these issues is to keep experimenting, provide customers with useful and helpful
resources, and don’t be afraid to have an open dialogue with your sales leads.

If you do these things, you will see a definite increase to your sales.

Drop us a line and tell us what you do to build a relationship online to potentially 10X your sales.

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