Want To Know How To Get More Customers, Get Them To Spend More & Come Back More Often?

Discover the exact formula we use to
scale our clients sales funnels.

Want To Know How To Get More Customers, Get Them To Spend More & Come Back More Often?

Discover the exact formula we use to
scale our clients sales funnels.

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How We Grow Your Business

Why Digital Marketing Funnels

Triple Your Profits Online

On average we conduct
12 billion searches
on the web a month just in the United States

93% of people
shopping on mobile go
on to complete a purchase

Businesses return
$40 for every $1
spent on email marketing

Customers who
receive email marketing
spend 83% more

Your Digital Marketing Arsenal

Connection Agency Innovates Marketing Funnel Automation

Our Overall Process

How We Do It

We here at Connection Agency believe in every project and
will work hard to learn the most we can about our clients
and the industry they represent

Our 5 Step Approach To Growing Your Online Presence

We believe in these steps and take each and every one
of them very seriously, learn why each step is important.

Many people believe

that branding, strong web presence and traffic is just a click of a button away and unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. The process begins simply with listening. Most clients we’ve had come from an industry we were unfamiliar with. From electricians to motorcycle helmets, we’ve had to become the students in order to understand our clients products, services, industry and therefore niche market.

Our first step is listening and it is equally as important as any of the other steps because it involves working side by side with you to make sure we learn as much as we can about your company. We do this through asking questions, research and interviewing you. We want to know what your hopes and aspirations are, what your goals are and same for your customers. Through this process we will have the necessary information to take the next step…

After we’ve learned

enough about you, the team here at Connection Agency will work hard to analyze how to help your company stand out. All of our integrated marketing strategies are 100% personalized so you can trust that we’ll develop a solution that’s right for you.

At this stage in building and growing your brand as well as taking it to the next level, we’ll outline key points that will help your vision and goals come to life. Your website should embody you and through careful planning using marketing strategies, that’s exactly what we aim to do.

At this point in our process

we’re well aware of who you are, what your goals are, how you want your brand to be, who your customers are and we know how to get you to where you want to be. The next step is the most fun part of the entire process and that’s creating.

This is where we use our entire team, from graphic designers to project managers, we all work together to build out your personalized campaign.

We create ideas that help integrate your brand across different platforms and make it our goal that the ideas we share garner followers that will engage with you as a company and even share in order to speak to a wider audience. This is what we call the creation process and our drive is what sets us apart from the bunch.

Before this step but after creating

we take a brief hiatus and let you go over our strategy for you and give us feedback. Even if you’re not going to be doing any of the heavy lifting, you’ll be with us every step of the way, guiding us, asking and answering questions as well as monitor our progress with our measuring step.

At this point of the process we want to measure our progress as well as determine how well our strategy performed. We have different methods to measure traffic and engagement rates but in the end it all comes down to how your target audience received the information placed in front of them.

We analyze, figure out what’s working and what area we can improve in because as we said, this is a process and there is always room for growth. We track traffic, customer behavior and the best part of all is, we show you how you can track as well, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

Immediately after results are measured,

revisions are made and we’re already on the ground working on improving key aspects that did well and other points that didn’t. We look back on what we originally did and move forward.

Our process is all about growth, continuous progress and results. We don’t aim to just help you sell more, we want to arm you with the knowledge to make your brand always stand out above the rest. This is done one step at a time.

Who We Are

Our Values

The Connection Agency is more than
just a digital marketing company.

We are a dedicated team committed to helping
our clients achieve their business goals.

Our values are what drive our passion and
commitment to your success.

Results Driven

We strongly believe that if we’re not getting you results, then our work is meaningless. Getting you the best possible results in the shortest period of time is our priority.

Our relationship-focused approach allows us to connect with our clients by learning about their specific needs, preferences and business goals.

We effectively measure your performance and share all the details with you.

Well-researched, forward-thinking approach.

We believe in always bringing something new to the table. Our digital marketing specialists are always absorbing new information and crafting new ideas for clients’ marketing objectives.

We only learn from the best in the digital marketing industry and this
helps us get you only the best results.

Honesty & Integrity

We believe in being completely transparent by providing you with
fully detailed reports on your progress.

We don’t try to take short-cuts. We only employ white hat SEO methods
and ethical marketing practices.

We always take into account our clients’ ideas and preferences.
Recommendations are always made, but our clients make the final decision.

Our Fans


"They said what they would do and they delivered."

“Andy + Vin have been phenomenal in every way.  The Worldwide Transformational Summit was a huge undertaking.  There was so much behind the scenes work to be done.  All the graphic designs seemed to be an endless task for Andy.  He is by far the best graphic designer around!  He has made the summit look fantastic from the website, marketing ads, emails, product page, and so much more.  Vin has done an amazing job with the marketing, emails, attention to detail, and making sure everything ran smoothly.  They both have worked together with complete professionalism and prompt detail in customer service.  I needed something they made sure it was taken care of immediately.
They went way above what was expected in absolutely everything for the Summit. Vin & Andy treated the summit as if it was their own.  I absolutely could not have put on this Worldwide Summit without them.  My gratitude and heart are completely full of what they have done for me as a client and for the world.  They are the dream team.  There truly is no one better.  They are top notch in every area of web development, marketing, automation, public relations, and client support.  They said what they would do and they delivered. “
-With such gratitude and love,
-Laura Worley

"They are so professional and nice and easy to work with"

“Okay all I have to say is these guys are awesome. They took my old website and turned it around with a modern look. They are so professional and nice and easy to work with. I have been very happy with their work. I am looking forward to building a funnel with them. They know what they are talking about when it comes to Digital Marketing. Highly praise them for anyone looking for a digital marketing agency. Thank you guys!”

-Ingrid Blanco

"Thank you for being such an effective partner!"

“Anytime I have automation questions I go to these guys. They have helped scale my business beyond my imagination. It’s one thing to have a website, another to have a system. These guys are all about creating your automated system; what they charge isn’t enough for the results they deliver! Thank you for being such an effective partner!”

-Jake Tanner


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